Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Girl Who Was On Fire

This book is a collection of various essays.  Together, they form a wonderful companion to Suzanne Collins' ingenious Hunger Games trilogy.
They cover a wide range of topics, from literary analysis to psychology.
You'll discover the real science behind the Capitol's fearsome muttations, and see how Cinna's fashion designs lent a torch to the girl on fire.
Why is District Thirteen scarier than the Capitol? One of the essays explores the reasons why Coin isn't so different from Snow, and how their two styles of government are equally bad.
Why do the Capitol's denizens look forward to the the Hunger Games? Short answer- they're too entertained to turn off the tube.  This essay digs down to the root of what feeds reality television shows, and exposes how we aren't so far off from the Hunger Games today.
Finally, they illustrate why we all love Katniss so much, and why we all want to be on her team.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

between two words

in the space
between two words
I come in
like debris into an abyss
you can't hear it echo
as I close the door
and maybe it doesn't matter

but in your eyes
it resounds
a diamond striking a gong
changing it slightly
maybe it's just a scratch of gold
shimmering through the dull patina
but it's never the same

I find a seat
in the back of the crowded theatre
watch this tale unfold
you gleam when
I fix my eyes on you
and your words dance
it's amazing what you can do

you breath life into every syllable
renew their meaning for me every time
the play ends
and the applause calls me
from this golden trance
I stand and applaud
and you smile

as you take center stage
take your bows
you've earned them
and I'm sorry
that I wasn't here before
on a day when tears
soaked your words
and they refused to perform.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

the salmon run

upward I swim
undulating tail fins,
pectoral fins
rainbow scales
are my armour
against the buffeting
of rock and wave
no surrender
no surrender
I'll soon be home

essence of my birth stream guides me
the unseen hook
in my nostrils
drawing on me
in the hopes that
the place where I was born
will soon see my new children
no surrender
no surrender
I'll soon be home

Waterfall sends
the foremost swimmers into
spasms of delight
and they fly up into the blue
It is my turn
and I leap onward through jets of foam
that drag me down
no surrender
no surrender
I'll soon be home

All tributes and Haymitch cast!

Well, Haymitch...


and Clove have all been cast.

<>Isabelle Fuhrman (Clove) also appeared in Orphan, which was a pretty creepy movie. She should do a good job portraying a psychotic killer.

<>I consider Alexander Ludwig (Cato) to be an excellent actor-but I've only seen him portray "good guys". Guess we'll find out if he can successfully make the switch to the other side.

<>I haven seen Woody Harrelson in any movies yet, but he has that tired "I've been through a lot" look that is perfect for Haymitch.

Here's a chart of all the tributes:

*And a complete list of the cast as of today:

Core Main Cast:
KATNISS EVERDEEN- Jennifer Lawrence
PEETA MELLARK-Josh Hutcherson
RUE-Amandla Stenburg
EFFIE TRINKET: Elizabeth Banks
THRESH-Dayo Okeniyi
MARVEL-Jack Quaid
GLIMMER-Leven Rambin
CATO- Alexander Ludwig
CLOVE- Isabelle Furhman
FOXFACE-Jacqueline Emerson
MRS EVERDEEN: Paula Malcomson

-Unnamed District Tributes-
District 3 Boy/Girl: Ian Nelson/Kalia Prescott
District 4 Boy/Girl: Ethan Jamieson/Tara Macken
District 5 Boy/Girl: Chris Mark/Foxface
District 6 Boy/Girl: Ashton Moio/Kara Petersen
District 7 Boy/Girl: Sam Ly/Leigha Hancock
District 8 Boy/Girl: Samuel Tan/Mackenzie Lintz
District 9 Boy/Girl: Imanol Yepez-Frias/Annie Thurman
District 10 Boy/Girl: Jeremy Marinas/Dakota Hood

*all links take you to their page on IMDb.com

Sunday, May 8, 2011

May gloaming

orange crayon streaks the sky
trees bend in evening breeze
dogs bark to one another as
the pinpricks of stars bleed
through the canopy of twilight.

darkness gathers beneath the trees
at the edges of the horizon
beside the glowering trash bins
the dogs cease their barking to
howl at the rising moon.

perhaps they remember
where they came from
once upon a long ago May-
or is it a remnant of wildness
only revealed by the night?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shatterpoint by Matthew Stover

Well, it's Star Wars Day- May the Fourth be with you!!
 In honor of the grand occasion, I decided to review Shatterpoint, a novel set during the turbulent Clone Wars.
(photo via theforce.net)

"I know you will come for me, Mace... I know you think I've gone mad. I haven't. What's happened to me is worse. I've gone sane. And nothing is more dangerous than a Jedi who is finally sane.
Haruun Kal is Mace Windu's homeworld. Its tangle of dark jungles, stately grasser herds, and ferocious akk dogs are the things of a long dimly remembered childhood. He never intended to return to it- but now, he may have no choice.
 Mace's former Padawan Depa Billaba was assigned to organize the Koruun people into a resistance against the Separatist armies. The Separatists have pulled back- but Depa still hasn't returned.
When he receives a cryptic recording that indicates Depa may have fallen to the Dark Side, he embarks on a mission to bring her back; whether alive or dead.
Mace must leave everything that is familiar, and travel into the the depths of Haruun Kal's jungle- where he will be tested to the farthest extents of his strength.

This book is a pager-turner- but unlike many others, it did not sacrifice the nuances of a writer's craft for simple action. I appreciated this book's vivid imagery which ranged from the gritty streets of the planet's capital to luxurious senators' offices. This book was also packed with symbolism, a good example or which is its very title. Mace Windu has the power to tell shatterpoints- the subtle paths of what the future will hold- but over the course of the story he is strained to his own personal shatterpoint.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

happy things on a rainy day

quilt warmed by breaths
tight over my shoulders
strawberry cake in the oven
filling the house with its summery scent
when you lick your lips you can taste it.

heather-grey sky
on the other side of the window
raining droplets down
to the green earth
green as life itself.

thick book weighing down my knees
pages yet to be read
crimson ribbon bisects the first page
the promise of a red fire
kindled on black-streaked snow.