Thursday, April 21, 2011

Well, it feels official now...

     It didn't seem official when Lionsgate announced they were going to make a movie of this book. I assumed that the movie would be wrangled over by other production companies, forever lost under a flood of legal doubletalk and bureaucracy.
     It didn't seem official when the announced which actors would be portraying Katniss, Gale, and Peeta.
It still didn't seem official when they announced the casting calls for extras (though I must admit I let out a groan of "Oh, I wish I was in North Carolina!")
     Now, when they've announced the secondary leads- and the release date- I feel that THE HUNGER GAMES is upon us.

     I'm very pleased with all the casting choices so far, and look forward seeing who will play the rest of the cast. I'm already planning my costume (can't be a release without one) and can't wait for the first trailers!

Here are the stats so far:
KATNISS EVERDEEN- Jennifer Lawrence
PEETA MELLARK-Josh Hutcherson
RUE-Amandla Stenburg
THRESH-Dayo Okeniyi
MARVEL-Jack Quaid
GLIMMER-Leven Rambin

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