Saturday, April 30, 2011

Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly

Two girls, one living in 2010, the other in 1797- two centuries apart. One Paris.

   2010-Andi is struggling with the death of her younger brother, the mental collapse of her mother, and her estranged relationship with her father. The only thing that keeps her sane (quite literally) is playing her guitar.

   1797-Alexandrine dreams of becoming an actor on the stage, but finds herself fighting to save the crown prince from the guillotine during the tumult of the French Revolution. It's the most unexpected part she's ever had to play.

When Andi's father puts her mother in an insane asylum and drags her to Paris for the winter holidays, she finds Alexandrine's diary in a dilapidated guitar case- and a picture of the crown prince, who looks exactly like her murdered brother. She opens the diary and is immediately sucked into Alexandrine's dark tale of intrigue, wonder, and love.
Alexandrine's world is closer to her own then Andi can believe.
And soon, they will collide.

Revolution is a powerful story that will appeal to music lovers, history aficionados, and those who appreciate a well-told tale.

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