Sunday, April 3, 2011

message from the sea

i found a message
on the shore
where the waves had risen up
and receded again
faint lines
like foreign hieroglyphics
of a forgotten tongue.

the sea came up again
the shapes grew clearer
tiny rocks and shells
tossed smooth in the surf
washed up on the sand
the sea's love letter
to the shore.

i picked up a rosy shell
thin as a mouse's ear
just the right size
for the hollow
in the palm of my hand.

Then tiny claws reached out
probed the ridges of my thumb
carefully as an astronaut's sensor
exploring a cave on Mars
eyestalks peeked
from the recesses
of the shell.

i placed the hermit crab
back on the sand
watched him scurry
back to his tidepool
the waves rushed out
and rushed back in
keeping up
their ceaseless correspondence
with the land.


  1. abigail this is great writing! thx for posting!

  2. Ooh I like many intricate details, so nicely said! "thin as a mouse's ear" wonderful imagery.

  3. Your writing from personal experience clearly shines through in this beautiful poem. The sea shore is so beautiful as we are given a tiniest glimpse of another world.

  4. journey so far in your world..form woodlands and buildings to the's as if you see and feel everything around you like an intrepid little mouse (my favourite line - ' a rosy shell thin as a mouse's ear')..Jae :)

  5. Lovely evocative poem, I could almost smell the salt air and hear the waves caressing the shore.
    Grand writing.