Saturday, April 9, 2011

a day at the medieval fair

Last weekend, we spent a day at the medieval fair. I got really tired and sunburned, but had an inordinate amount of fun!

First we stopped by the jousting.

It was pretty epic, to say the least.

The two knights were pugnacious to the extreme.

The herald was quite impressive.

(courtesy of Norman Medieval Fair facebook page)
The booths were filled with amazing costumes...
(courtesy of Norman Medieval Fair facebook page)
- and swords. We did look at some actual katanas and broadswords, but everyone was too engrossed to think of taking a picture. The crush of fellow sword-admirers around the weapons was too great to even pull out a camera anyway.
The guy at the booth wore a three-bladed gauntlet similar to this one.
Wouldn't want to itch your nose wearing that thing!

(courtesy of Norman Medieval Fair facebook page)

Loved this girl's Ent costume!

We visited the falconers...

and met this magnificent Eurasian eagle owl. He's about a year old and two feet in height- but he will probably triple in size before reaching maturity.
The temperature reached eighty-nine degrees, so we left and went to the local ice cream shop to cool off.
It was a fantastic day- can't wait for next year!