Saturday, April 30, 2011

Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly

Two girls, one living in 2010, the other in 1797- two centuries apart. One Paris.

   2010-Andi is struggling with the death of her younger brother, the mental collapse of her mother, and her estranged relationship with her father. The only thing that keeps her sane (quite literally) is playing her guitar.

   1797-Alexandrine dreams of becoming an actor on the stage, but finds herself fighting to save the crown prince from the guillotine during the tumult of the French Revolution. It's the most unexpected part she's ever had to play.

When Andi's father puts her mother in an insane asylum and drags her to Paris for the winter holidays, she finds Alexandrine's diary in a dilapidated guitar case- and a picture of the crown prince, who looks exactly like her murdered brother. She opens the diary and is immediately sucked into Alexandrine's dark tale of intrigue, wonder, and love.
Alexandrine's world is closer to her own then Andi can believe.
And soon, they will collide.

Revolution is a powerful story that will appeal to music lovers, history aficionados, and those who appreciate a well-told tale.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

More actors cast for the Hunger Games!

Katniss's mother has been cast. I really think that this actress has enough of a tough look to pull it off.

Effie Trinket was also cast. Can't you imagine this actress in a pink wig?

The stats so far:
KATNISS EVERDEEN- Jennifer Lawrence
PEETA MELLARK-Josh Hutcherson
RUE-Amandla Stenburg
THRESH-Dayo Okeniyi
MARVEL-Jack Quaid
GLIMMER-Leven Rambin
Also as of last Friday through today:
MRS EVERDEEN: Paula Malcomson
EFFIE TRINKET: Elizabeth Banks 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


a drizzling day
birds knocked
from the feeder
a second sort of rain:
a small shower
of sunflower seeds
as black and shining
as the birds' dewdrop eyes.

Now gleaming with dew
twine up leaves
beside the feeder
grow sunflowers
yellow faces watching the birds
an accident perhaps
but no less then a miracle.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Doctor Who Series Premiere!

       In celebration of the Doctor Who series six premiere in barely an hour, here is a teaser trailer for the upcoming episode.

Fish fingers are in the oven, custard is in the fridge- I can't wait!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Well, it feels official now...

     It didn't seem official when Lionsgate announced they were going to make a movie of this book. I assumed that the movie would be wrangled over by other production companies, forever lost under a flood of legal doubletalk and bureaucracy.
     It didn't seem official when the announced which actors would be portraying Katniss, Gale, and Peeta.
It still didn't seem official when they announced the casting calls for extras (though I must admit I let out a groan of "Oh, I wish I was in North Carolina!")
     Now, when they've announced the secondary leads- and the release date- I feel that THE HUNGER GAMES is upon us.

     I'm very pleased with all the casting choices so far, and look forward seeing who will play the rest of the cast. I'm already planning my costume (can't be a release without one) and can't wait for the first trailers!

Here are the stats so far:
KATNISS EVERDEEN- Jennifer Lawrence
PEETA MELLARK-Josh Hutcherson
RUE-Amandla Stenburg
THRESH-Dayo Okeniyi
MARVEL-Jack Quaid
GLIMMER-Leven Rambin

Sunday, April 17, 2011

on fearing the wind

i reach the hill 
a strong wind
through the long grass
flattening it against
my bare toes
as if to say
"if i cannot crush you
pull you up by the roots
i will make you bow before me."

I clench my hands around
the slender frame of
my kite
for how can such
a frail design
hold strong-
especially in this
boisterous wind?

i let go of my fears
let go of my kite
let the eddying
sink in its claws
but the kite flies high
red silk rampant
against the sky.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

morning song

light steals across
the horizon
stars are fading
from the blue-velvet sky
owls and bats
from the growing light
fly home to deserted barns
settle on mouldering wood
for a long day's sleep.

rising sun kisses
the fields awake
the dew dissipates
like a waking dream 
the birds in the hedgrow
are stirring
winged shadows
just beginning to sing.

I wake
open up the window
let the morning air in
along with
the echos of birdsong
faint but bright
the sun rises
above the hills
a fiery giant
leaping into day.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

a day at the medieval fair

Last weekend, we spent a day at the medieval fair. I got really tired and sunburned, but had an inordinate amount of fun!

First we stopped by the jousting.

It was pretty epic, to say the least.

The two knights were pugnacious to the extreme.

The herald was quite impressive.

(courtesy of Norman Medieval Fair facebook page)
The booths were filled with amazing costumes...
(courtesy of Norman Medieval Fair facebook page)
- and swords. We did look at some actual katanas and broadswords, but everyone was too engrossed to think of taking a picture. The crush of fellow sword-admirers around the weapons was too great to even pull out a camera anyway.
The guy at the booth wore a three-bladed gauntlet similar to this one.
Wouldn't want to itch your nose wearing that thing!

(courtesy of Norman Medieval Fair facebook page)

Loved this girl's Ent costume!

We visited the falconers...

and met this magnificent Eurasian eagle owl. He's about a year old and two feet in height- but he will probably triple in size before reaching maturity.
The temperature reached eighty-nine degrees, so we left and went to the local ice cream shop to cool off.
It was a fantastic day- can't wait for next year!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

message from the sea

i found a message
on the shore
where the waves had risen up
and receded again
faint lines
like foreign hieroglyphics
of a forgotten tongue.

the sea came up again
the shapes grew clearer
tiny rocks and shells
tossed smooth in the surf
washed up on the sand
the sea's love letter
to the shore.

i picked up a rosy shell
thin as a mouse's ear
just the right size
for the hollow
in the palm of my hand.

Then tiny claws reached out
probed the ridges of my thumb
carefully as an astronaut's sensor
exploring a cave on Mars
eyestalks peeked
from the recesses
of the shell.

i placed the hermit crab
back on the sand
watched him scurry
back to his tidepool
the waves rushed out
and rushed back in
keeping up
their ceaseless correspondence
with the land.