Friday, March 11, 2011

Wolf Brother

Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver

      One hellish night, Torak's father is killed by an insane bear. But on that same night, a flash flood wipes out a wolf pack- all but one cub. Torak stumbles across the wolf cub and realizes that he can actually understand his yips and howls. The two orphans travel through the Forest together until they meet the Raven Clan.
       There, they learn that a very tangible shadow is creeping through the woods- the bear, who is possessed by a demon. Long ago, the Raven Clan received a prophecy of this shadow, and the one who would defeat it.
It describes Torak perfectly.
Torak and Wolf set out on a remarkable journey that leads them across glaciers, through the heart of the Forest, and into perils that will test their friendship.

        I found Wolf Brother a exhilarating breath of ancient air. The plot never flagged, the prose never wavered, and  the characters never disappointed. It is the first in a six part series, and every sequel improves upon the previous volume.

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