Sunday, March 13, 2011


from Wikimedia

I stretch up
high above
the Sierra Nevadas
top branches heavy
with gleaming morning dew
I have lived so long
so long that I have forgotten my age
My trunk is a silent chronicle
of the years
needle-sized holes
from woodpecker beaks
bare patches
where deer have nibbled
and scars
from forest fires.

Sometimes humans come
like squeaking mice
around my roots
and photograph me
once a group of ten
tried to link hands
around my bole
and could not do it
was it ten
or twelve?
There have been so many
and I am too tired
to remember.

I tower above
my children
that are scattered
all around me
when I fall
to earth
(so far to fall)
they will take my place
become even taller
because of my leaving.


  1. There is sadness, wonder and awe in this emotive poem. Great piece.

  2. What a lot that tree has seen. I love how this is written from the tree's perspective.

  3. What a wonderful poem, wonderful topic and so well written!

  4. That is one lovely poem, written about one of my favourite subjects - Trees! So much history in that one mighty plant.

  5. Abigail - you have the ability to think yourself into many places and this piece was as beguiling as ever..I could feel both the strength and the tiredness of this tree ('so far to fall') always take on a unique approach to each prompt..great write..Jae

  6. vivid capture of human minds..
    well done.

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