Sunday, March 6, 2011

first growth

(photo from Wikipedia)

The garden is empty
exept for a few straggling twigs
tangled, like wet hair.
It looks so dead.
I drive a shovel down into the earth
lay bare the raw spring soil.
Green shoots crawl out
past roots and gravel
struggling through the dirt
to the light.

Like Persphone,
spending six months
in the underworld
then coming back
through the earth
to light and freedom and love.
Digging her way
scraping her rosepetal
hands on rocks and roots
it's a hard journey
but well worth it.

I spot the bump
that will become a bud
and then a blossom.
What kind?
I can wait.
I cover the young plants
for they will do the rest
on their own.


  1. Well done. I find sprouting seeds so amazing, miraculous even.

  2. Beautiful picture of emerging life!

  3. Like the "six months in the underworld" phrase, seeds sure go through a lot to give us such beauty.

  4. What a lovely direction to go with for this word. Nice.

  5. I liked your poem. It captures the expectation of spring. It's still too early here to turn a spade.

  6. Oh the beauty of nature in it's most raw state. Spring is right around the corner. Loved your poem.

  7. Plants in clods of earth really put us in our place when they survive and flourish in what we see as inhospitable conditions. What a beautiful reminder of the wonder of life in all its forms.

  8. Beautiful Abigail - you rejoice in the ordinary and make it seem so special for all of us..makes me want to go out there and plant a bulb..great job..Jae

  9. As a keen gardener I really appreciated your ode to new growth, and the promise of spring.
    Very nicely expressed, and no back-ache involved.

  10. beautiful.. a shoot that comes up in spring after a hellish winter! loved it!

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

  11. a beautiful little poem with great hope. I feel the light-searching plant fingers as they come crawling up.