Sunday, March 20, 2011

first day of spring

photo from Wikimedia

I open the door
and run into spring
drinking up 
the turquoise sky streaked
with wisps of cloud.

Rejoicing in the new grass
slippery with dew
I leap up the hill
to the cherry tree,
laden with blossoms
a young bride with
flowers woven into her hair.

I spin
the pink blooms
flying above my head
like flowers painted
on a pinwheel
My feet pound
with the beat of my heart
I reach out my arms
as if I would take wing
with the hawks above
soaring on the breast
of the thermals,
free as forever.


  1. Beautifully indeed :)

  2. 'I open the door and run into spring'..both in spirit and made me feel dizzy and full of life..spininng around in and flying..Jae

  3. What a charming Ode to Joy this is. Well done.

  4. You painted a gorgeous picture with words. Nice!
    Here is my FREE piece:

  5. a lovely dose of spring drug here.
    enjoyed the flow.

  6. What a joyous taste of freedom. I particularly loved the cherry blossom haired bride!

  7. Excellent take on "free" and also a nice way to welcome in spring.

  8. Oh my goodness. Just feel like I am merged into it. The new grass, the turquise sky, the painted flowers. Lovely.