Friday, February 25, 2011

I've succumbed to the bug

Recently, I've been bit by a bug. (No, not the flu.)
The knitting bug!
I've known how to knit for quite some time, but never quite found my project, if you know what I mean.
Then I chanced upon this picture in a knitting book.

photo from Ravelry

They called it a tam. I call it a beret.
Anyhow, I proclaimed that I would make said beret.
We-ll, it turned out that this beret has a cable, and several hard bits in the pattern.
So I tried some easier hats first.
did this one in blue...

I did this 20's style cloche in an underwater colored yarn.

Along the way, I decided that I wanted to make a head band like the one below.

And after that, I want to knit these half-gloves (thus nourishing the Dr Who addict part of me).
DW Doomsday

A closer shot of the half-gloves

Of course, a scarf would be nice...
Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor

And a Dalek or two as well.

And maybe figure out a pattern for this little dude.

I'll have to wait on the beret.

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