Sunday, February 27, 2011

A fire

image from Wikipedia

Years ago
there was a fire
the walls are charred
the ceiling has long caved in
all the brickwork has faded
from a blood red
to a pale tan
from one day on the beach
with a thin layer of sunscreen.
A bird has made
her home in the remnants
of the eaves
ants have made a nest
in the tatters
of the moldy linoleum
and foxglove is pushing itself up
beside the sink.
The house is almost abandoned...
but not completely.


  1. Old abandoned buildings have a fascination for me as it is so much more interesting to imagine their past lives and to see that they too continue to be inhabited by less fussy residents.

  2. I can just see the images. I love that most people would see a house like this as abandoned but you've taken things to another level and seen life in it...Cynthia x

  3. The images your writing create are so vivid. Very well written piece.

  4. This fluttered around brought the house alive on the wings of that little bird..Jae

  5. I see the hope you show in this one. That's a sweet piece :)

  6. I've known a few houses like that, in my time, they are places of magic and imagination.