Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a bowl of gumbo

It's dinner
A bowl of gumbo
I slip in my spoon
and taste its warm tangy broth
the sausages
plump and rosy
perk up my caving backbone
the green beans
faintly crisp
make me open my eyes a bit more
and the green bell peppers
are spicy and sweetness mixed
they exhilarate my tastebuds
the mozzarella cheese
melting into the broth
couldn't be more subtle
yet it weaves the whole thing together
it's dinner
a bowl of gumbo.


  1. That sounds really yummy, but where is the recipe?

  2. 'perk up my caving backbone' - what a tremendous line..as always you capture the feelings and images to a 't' (if you'll pardon the pun!)..wonderfully warm and nourishing..Jae

  3. love the words that writers spill out: 'perk up my caving backbone' - that gnawing deep hunger. nice