Friday, January 28, 2011


It's been years since the Great White- a terrible nuclear apocalypse that decimated the world's population, and pushed them back into the Dark Ages. Now, mutations are beginning to affect children. Hailed as "Misfits" and feared by the the Council, they're banished from the towns and sent as far away as possible. Elspeth Gordie knows that this fate might well be hers. She's managed to hide her unusual powers from the others at the orphan home for years...until the day when she loses control of her power in front of another girl, who exposes her as a Misfit.
She's packed off to the far institute of Obernewtyn, where the Misfits are threatened with wolves if they ever dare to escape. Elspeth befriends several of the other children- and estranges the guardians. After overhearing a secret meeting, she discovers that the guardians are trying to reawaken the forces that caused the Great White with the help of a certain Misfit. Her.
There's no way Elspeth can allow them to arouse such a menace. But with the guardians inside and savage wolves without, how will she ever escape?
Obernewtyn was illuminating and well-told. I fully enjoyed it, and will be reading the sequel!

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