Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Mighty Long Way: My Journey to Justice at Little Rock Central High

The date: September 4, 1957.
Where: The central high school in Little Rock, Arkansas
Central High had been voted the most beautiful high school in the nation. One this day, however, the scene played out before it was completely ugly. An angry mob of about four hundred people surrounded the school, screaming unspeakable things. All this was on account of nine students who had transferred to the school. What was the cause of their wrath?
The nine students in question were African-American.
The youngest was only fourteen years old, and her name was Carlotta Walls LaNier.
When she had signed the paper that allowed her to attend Little Rock Central High School the previous spring, she thought of it a no-brainer. Her family had always taught her to seek the best in education, and the local high school was rated one of the best in the US.
And when she had left the house that morning, her chief worry was about geometry class.

A Mighty Long Way is Carlotta Walls LaNier's story of that hellish first year in Central High School, and how her life was impacted by it.
It brings a not-often discussed chapter of American history to life- a chapter that should never be forgotten.

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