Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Done done done (say it out loud to get my meaning)

No, an evil genius did not just enter the room. It's just me...though some might say that's one and the same. I'm gloating because I'm done, done, done with my second novel, Isa: The Elementals (working title).

I would have finished it in August if I'd been writing my first draft on the computer( blame my anachronistic habits). But now I'm all ready to start the next step in my creative process: editing and revising. Yay!
Yes, I just cheered about getting to edit.
But at least I'm done typing up the contents of three one-hundred page notebooks...until, of course, I finish with the next book I'm writing (and the next, and the next). Hopefully my next book will go as smoothly as this one did!

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