Monday, November 15, 2010

Anachronistic Writer

I am euphoric right now. Why, you ask?
♪ I've started a new book, I've started a new book, and I'm on Chapter Three-ee... ♪ 
Yes, I was singing just now.
However, this euphoria will dissipate when I begin to type it into the computer, unfortunately. My joy is stolen somehow when I look at all the pages I've written, and then at that blank screen staring accusingly at me.
My computer's face (if it had a face)
'You anachronistic writer!' it seems to yell. 'Why don't you use me, instead of that archaic thing called a college-ruled notebook?! I'm greener! I'm more streamlined! I come with all kinds of different fonts that make your work look so much cooler than it actually is!!'
Please be quiet, computer. I will type my work up eventually, but after I'm done with Chapter Three.